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You Better Get Out There And Collab!

The majority of our VMP members are also songwriters. Some are lyricists, some are composers, some are vocal arrangers, some are producers....hell some can do it all!  A music project collaboration comes in many forms...some not mentioned here. But almost everybody needs somebody to match their greatness and creative abilities. So get out there and  get to know the other other artists. Also be sure you're attending the local public or private artist networking events in your town. You can't be shy when it comes to networking and building connections. This group exists so that you can show up to those events prepared.

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Artist Blogs & Forums

Sally b. uses Artist Blogs & Forums as a way to mentor artists and keep them informed. Our forum is available to all VMP artists and can be accessed by them at any time. Members are encouraged to join the conversation or even start their own. There are numerous topics available and we've purposely left one or two topics open for public comment just to encourage public engagement with our VMP artists. Now our ARTIST BLOGS (not our forum) are ALL available to the public and may be found at our sister site, In order to comment on any of the artist blogs there you must first SUBSCRIBE to that website or blog.  We have a Blog For Every Voice!


Win A Chance To Be Our VMP Star

Artists that are VMP members, will be able to compete for an opportunity to be our STAR artist for 2 to 4 weeks depending on the contest. During your reign as our VMP STAR, all supporting members will be asked to share about you all over social media. So for example, if we have 30 members that are all promoting ONE artist at once, imagine the number of people that artist can reach. Imagine how you and your brand will look to the public when they see that your name is showing up all across social media. Please note that each opportunity will be announced to members in advance and there may be different rules for different competitions. Sometimes we may have judges and other times we may call on the public to choose.  Again it's just another way we can support each other, to see how you measure up to more established artists and it EARNS you that respect from people that are not currently in your usual circle. 

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Promote With A Radio Ad

Members can chip in to contribute to the cost of a 30 to 60 minute radio ad that promotes VMP's artists and services. Voice-over with background music  may be  produced by Sally b.  or we may even ask one of our members or another Voice Over artist to create the ad. or contribute the background music. We'll work out the logistics to ensure that each artist is represented. Uniting to invest in a good radio or online broadcast is worth it.  Side Note: We'll need to grow our membership to include enough members in specific locations (like LA, ATL, NY, etc) to run their ad unless the ad will be broadcast to all US listeners by a particular station or podcast. 

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Let's Engage More Talent

We'll invite non-members that are singers and music & performing artists to join our VMP artists for participation in a little friendly competition from time to time.  Such activities will take place online and usually from our Artist Show page and will feature activities such as talent shows, singing contests and more. Doing this is a great benefit to our members because we're inviting outsiders and potential VMP members to come in and check out our talent. Word of mouth is EVERYthing.  Let's give um something to talk about!

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TV, Podcast or Youtube Interview

Sally b. will work with VMP artists to coordinate opportunities to appear on a popular TV, Podcast or Live Stream program. Media interview tips will be provided via our forum or artist blog.  More on this soon.

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Listening Party 

From our Artist Show page, VMP Artists can schedule and host listening parties to get private or public feedback about their original musical work. This opportunity is FREE to VMP Artists only but tips are accepted on our site.  In order for a member of VMP to qualify to present music they must first have a VMP profile or EPK that has all the required info. Artists will be required to invite their own guests and we also encourage other members to share about any upcoming Listening Parties. For questions or to schedule your online listening experience, Email to  (From time to time we will also invite non-members for promotional purposes)

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Let's Hire a PR Professional

One of the best benefits to joining VMP Talent is that an independent artist no longer has to go at it alone. VMP Talent is best described as a support group where artists on a budget do not only promote each other but they'll also contribute to the cost of hiring a PR professional just like the more established artists have. It's the difference between working alone and forking up $1000 to promote your music OR working with fellow artists to share that cost which then  leaves you with just a small fraction of what you would've paid otherwise, It's a win for all involved and many of these agencies or PR professionals are well connected and know how to spread our message to the masses. Members will received info to consider about any professionals we bring on board. 


Artist EPK, Mentoring & Coaching

VMP Artists get fat discounts off such services as voice training,  performance coaching and artist mentoring. Most of these services are available online. Just request the discount code. There are limited availabilities for DC area  and/or local artists to meet with Sally b. at her home office rather than online. As an additional benefit to our VMP members, they will pay way less to have an EPK created and hosted through us. Helping an artist appear professional and ready to go is what we aim to do. If you already have an EPK, you'd need to post your EPK link on your VMP profile so please make sure your profile looks great. If you are not able to  afford an EPK maybe you'd like us to link your professional domain to your profile until you can afford an EPK. The services mentioned  here may be found at our Online Artist Shop at our sister website,

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Artists Promote Artists Via Video

Be a fan & brand ambassador for your fellow artists.  Imagine how that will appear to the public having other people showing such enthusiasm about your music or talent. The absolute BEST way to grab attention is via video or even a live stream. In the video you should say more by saying less. In other words don't bore the hell out of people. Say something clever! In just 30 seconds you can tell your listeners something exciting about the artist you're helping, you can recommend a follow and you can include their profile or EPK link when it's posted. You've been filming everything else and posting it on social media so why not this? I admire artists that post about other artists on their page.  It's  something you and other VMP artists can do to promote each other....unless of course you already have a huge budget to hire people for this, you have tons of fans and connections already going viral with posts about you, you have a big ego, or unless you're afraid to promote your competition, here's a way to get people talking for FREE. 

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Other Online Marketing Services

Well the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to online marketing are options like Google Ads and Facebook's business ad boosts but there are many others out there and they each have their unique method of getting your target audience to your artist page. Some are pay per click services, and some are buy and sell ad services, just to name a few. As a talented group of entertainers and musicians, our VMP team would supply our members with options to consider and then we'd all vote on which one to use for a particular ad campaign. Again, artists would split the total to cover the cost of the online marketing service that's selected by our members.  Click Here to learn about some of those services. This blog I've linked you to was published in 2017. Also look up Google Ads to see how that option works. Knowledge is power. Educate yourself about music biz and the tools you'll need to promote yourself. 


Social Media Sharing

As a former independent music artist and the mother of two independent artists, Sally b. has spent years promoting herself  and her kids and it hasn't been easy doing it alone. Just like many of you,  Sally b. has observed the more established artists flourishing from the support of fans, artist management, publicists, top producers, and a professional PR team, whom have all invested their time or money into their artists so that they can profit from their fame later on. You gotta figure that to invest so much into an unknown artist is risky business so when they do that it's because the artist has shown a lot of promise.  Those artists have the connections they need right at their fingertips once they reach that higher level. Sally understands what having that level of support and being publicly celebrated can do for your career. But please bear in mind that it wasn't easy for some of today's most iconic artists to get discovered. Especially if they were discovered in more recent years because these days artists must promote their own music and grow their own audience out of their own little budgets until they are established enough to get noticed by a major industry connection that can help take them further....and even if your music is super awesome, that still doesn't guarantee you the fame and success you desire. Ain't nobody really investing any money your way unless you've  already completed  most of the tasks that the record labels use to do and you have that star power before you're even a star. Unfortunately having a great song and sound will need to be accompanied by your ability to influence people and trends, as well as other expectations that the complete the package. They have to look at you and see $$$ before they decide to help you elevate your career.  Like Sally b. says, "You gotta bring something to the table so whatcha got?" Most unknown independent artists don't have the dough, the know how, the connections or the resources that the famous artists have but that doesn't mean we can't still compete and stand out enough from other undiscovered talent to become recognized as a force to be reckoned with. Once you're a  member of VMP Talent, we'd like to encourage you to work together with other artists and become each other's management and PR team and accept the guidance of music business professionals like Sally b, her affiliates. and even some of our  VMP members who are music industry veterans that have already tasted the success you are seeking. Social media sharing is when members of VMP Talent share the artist announcements, EPK or profile of fellow members. It's one of many selfless acts you will come across on this page, that can work in your favor and gain you much more exposure than you're use to getting right now. Always remember  that we're ALL here to support each other. Sally b. ain't here to do everything for you. She's here to help you to help yourself, so that you can at least be heard. This type of PR, Social Media sharing, is free and all it takes is a little time, effort and leadership from each member. Those are also the requirements of your membership with us so hopefully you're already social media savvy.

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Artist Plugs or Media Announcements

Sally b. will post about our VMP members in our most popular blog posts. We'll also consider opportunities to get a blurb about our artists published in other blogs, magazines or even media announcements. Whether the story is about an individual artist in our group or about VocalzMusic & Publishing (VMP), if it sends opportunities your way that also can benefit our members.  It's a win/win.  I also encourage musicians, performing artists of any genre and their followers, to follow our Facebook page and groups which are managed by Sally b and her selection of Administrators.  Links to our group(s) can be found on that page link as well. This will be very useful for many of our PR campaigns. Followers of the Facebook page are also welcome to post their own announcements . Additionally Sally b. has a musicians/artist ONLY personal account with a large celebrity and entertainment industry following but she absolutely will not accept anyone there who does not meet her criteria so please make sure your Facebook profile indicates who you are and what you do. Whenever she posts about any of her VMP Artist Members on either of her social media platforms, it is likely to get noticed by a really good industry connection. We can't make them take action and reach out to you but we can certainly put you in front of them and Sally b LOVES showing off her members. Her personality really shines through her posts. To find and follow those pages, just go back and click the BOLDED links in this section. 

More PR ideas will be added to this page soon. Below you can JOIN VMP Talent to become a member. You may be asked to audition or join our chat box for a one on one meeting. Thank you for checking us out and welcome to, where artists unite to promote each other. - RW & KT on behalf of Sally b.


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