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Hi I'm Sally B. Waller, Owner of VocalzMusic & Publishing. I'm a talent and voice coach and I'm looking forward to working with the other artists here. I hope you'll contribute to our Forum and check out our professional help blogs at our Artist Blog page. There you'll find A BLOG FOR EVERY VOICE. Additional VocalzMusic services and our new Artist Shop can also be found at our other site, Most purchases and hiring of talent coaches and other products and VMP services are available from our Artist Shop. Don't hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can help you with. To learn more about me and the services I offer to clients find the "Singing Flat With Sally b" link at To see my artist bio go to

WHY I CREATED VMP TALENT? I like to look out for the unsigned talented artists who are primarily the career minded writers, composers, producers, actors and of course singers. I know and I appreciated the grind and the hustle of a creative person. Tho I teach the art of singing I'm also very knowledgable about the business side of all areas of this entertainment business and I'm able to use what I know to help coach, guide, develop and promote talent . I"m not really interested in being somebody's manager. In stead I prefer helping you to help yourself. Think of me as an Artist Mentor. I need to stress again that VMP Talent is for CAREER MINDED ARTISTS so if you've not already done some of the work that is required to "make it" or if you are not willing to invest in yourself so that you can upgrade yourself to a more professional status then let's go ahead and delete your membership. When I say invest I'm not just referring to spending some cash. I'm mostly speaking about the willingness to train and further develop your talent, It's about practice, attending auditions, honing your craft, networking, etc. Whatever it takes. Additionally you'll need to be willing to trust the process. Again if you're not open minded to the process you really shouldn't be here.

A unique trait of this project is that I desire to unite artists and to encourage them to work together to bring what I call "talent buyers" to your profile or to your EPK here at VMP Talent. Working together with fellow artists on PR related goals is SMART because it's much more affordable for the average struggling artist and it will be easier to reach the right industry people and fans when you've got all members promoting one thing. VMP Talent! Think about that for a minute. If up until now your promoter has mostly been YOU posting about yourself on social media... imagine how much your reach will improve when we grow this project to 20 more artists. The process is pretty simple when you really think about it. About twenty or more VMP Artists unite to send potential fans and talent buyers here so that they can check out our top talent at their best. If you are among our top talent then it increases your chances of getting noticed by those that otherwise would not even have known you were out here. In regards to costs this is the difference between paying $1000 for an ad promoting your talent or your music or splitting the cost with 20 artists from VMP Talent.

This project isn't for the selfish artist. You'll be promoting yourself and others. Can you handle that? Are you confident enough in your own talent to do that? If so please keep reading.


Create a great first impression. STAND OUT! If after reading this you decide you'd still like to give VMP TALENT membership a try then the first thing I'd like to see is a BOMB ass profile. Hook it UP! Don't go by mine cuz I'm not the Artist. YOU are. Write up a SHORT bio and include links to your greatest work. Spare the boring details and get right to the point. If it ain't great keep it to yourself. If you have an EPK and hosting through us or an external website that's already created, please include that too! (Please not that those that purchased an EPK with us will be featured on our opening page.) Don't forget a picture is worth a thousand words! In addition to your profile pic, also Include a great artist pic or headshot! If you have a video of your public performance or audio of your music, voice over, etc, You can insert that on your VMP profile page too.. We will not be making this membership page public until we've reached 10 to 15 qualifying artists with impressive VMP profiles published and ready to showcase.

Those that work with me to create an optional EPK will be featured as our TOP TALENT on the opening page of this site at You do not need an EPK or to be on our top talent list to join VMP TALENT but first chance you get it's highly recommended because during the process of creating your EPK by default you typically end of with free talent coaching and free artist mentoring. If you don't have an EPK or are not ready or qualified to have an EPK with us yet, then that makes this profile that much more important. HOOK IT UP! Those that look at our TOP TALENT will then head on over to our Artist listing where your profile will be listed. This is where you will SHINE bright like a diamond! Can't wait to work with you! - sb

Official Sally b.