The Art of Love is available at The Artist Shop. "Receive the personalized, inspiring, uplifting, romantic messages that every lady deserves to hear. I want to make you smile. Let me spoil you rotten with my words. Let me show you how beautiful you are inside and out. Let me show you the love you deserve. My words have the power to restore the confidence you're seeking. I'll share my secrets to lasting love. Maybe it's right in front of you already. Submit your reply request and I'll do my best to find the perfect words to help you through your day.

I can also send celebratory greetings to your friends and shoutouts for businesses and artists. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon. " -ND







Kyle Ahn of LollyPack Beats

Robert Quarles of Rock Q. Productions

Lyrics by Sally B. Waller


Neel Downs is a soulful, romantic voice artist and author specializing in spoken word. The main purpose of NeelDowns.com is to use the sultry, dynamic, sensual, friendly, comforting and engaging voice talent of Neel Downs, infused with soulful music from his list of emerging music artists and seasoned music professionals all combined with Neel's encouraging, romantic, sincere words of wisdom, as a tool to help relax and heal the hearts of a broken woman and to positively influence those seeking a loving relationship under the belief that WORDS HAVE POWER. Words can tear you down or build you up. Neel Downs seeks to build you up in his own, unique, fun and flirty way.... and hopefully he'll make you smile in the process. His messages are never generic. Each person receives a personalized message. So if your man ain't telling you how awesome you are, if your spirit needs a reboot,  or if you're just curious to hear what the unpredictable Neel Downs will say next, then turn to him for  entertainment purposes, at the very least. Please your order now at SingingFlat.com. He will help to take your mind off your troubles. Just download his message and press play to hear his voice again and again. You'll always have a friend in him. 

"I'm full of surprises. You never know what I might say lol" - ND

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