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When Al B. Sure was asked to review some of LollyPack's 

beats, the legendary hit maker had this to say....

"....seems to have the songwriting and arranging in order....He has great melody...Sounds like he is on his way!"


- Al B. Sure, Producer, Songwriter, R&b Music Artist, Radio Host, Grammy Nominated, American Music Award Winner...

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Al B. Sure

Famous R&B Music Artist, Producer & Radio Host

From Alexandria, Virginia, LOLLYPACK is a singer, songwriter and music producer specializing in pop, hip hop, electronic and r&b genres. In an unlikely crossover story, he segued from a local child star with impressive musical credit, into becoming a self-produced recording artist and songwriter; as well as one of the most promising acts in the D.C. area. Born Kyle Ahn, the young musician began performing in talent shows at age five and by age eleven the phone was ringing off the hook with requests for the young music artist to appear and sing his rendition of patriotic and inspirational favorites at political fundraisers all over the DMV.


After receiving professional advice from music legend, Quincy Jones, during an event in DC, he was inspired to work harder to engage his audience, earning him the reputation of having a seasoned stage presence and outstanding vocal range. His early performances were featured on CSPAN, Fox and NBC television networks, just to name a few. He's had countless mentions in local papers and magazines such as Washingtonian Magazine & the Washington Post. By the time he was twelve he was a local child star performing celebrity attended events throughout the DMV and L.A. Under the former stage name of, Vocalz,  his mother (a music business professional most known for voice coaching and artist mentoring) prepared him for a professional career in entertainment and he was introduced to music production and songwriting.  His mother partnered with popular DC area producers and by age fourteen LollyPack had recorded an album worth of songs co-written by his mother. Unfortunately, before they were able to progress further with getting his music shopped, his voice began to mature and deepen and suddenly the cute kid with the curly hair was unable to produce the voice he was known for. He was maturing into a teen and they wanted that adorable little boy with unbelievable range and undeniable talent. The phones stopped ringing but as fate would have it, he bounced back sounding better than ever!

A professionally trained singer, LOLLYPACK used the money he earned as a child singer to attend music production courses in college. Soon after, he began writing and producing original music. Realizing that he wanted full control over his musical style, at age fifteen he made his first official instrumentals with FL Studio and he tracked vocals with his mother's old four-track recorder; eventually moving on to producing his own tracks with Logic Pro X. 


 LOLLYPACK credits The Neptunes, a famous music production group introduced in the early 90's, for influencing his desire to become a producer. The Neptunes were most known for their hit songs with such artists as Pharrel and Chad Hugo, 

LOLLYPACK is also a Maschine expert, even tutoring legends like Go Go music & hip hop star, DJ Kool, in creating beats with the program.

Recently LOLLYPACK penned songs with hit producers, The Featherstones, who have been responsible for hits with major artists including DRU HILL, CHRIS BROWN, TREY SONGZ. NICKI MINAJ and many others.

Although LollyPack has been in the music business for nearly two decades, he remains music's best-kept secret. Until recently he wasn't really active on social media and would shy away from promoting his best work to a wider audience until he felt the time was right. He's a perfectionist. Recently, LollyPack shared that he's glad he waited it out because the additional time and experience have further elevated his abilities to write, produce and perform.  It's also boosted his confidence about sharing his work and his awareness about those that may bring the negative energy or bad press in an effort to make him fall back. Though there were indeed times he'd become discouraged, ultimately his passion, goals, and love for the art kept him coming back stronger time and time again. 


Today, after years of dealing with unfortunate setbacks in his personal life as well as artists and collaborators that felt threatened or that often expressed jealousy about his extraordinary abilities to write and arrange meaningful lyrics with catchy hooks, trendy beats and beautiful melodies, and the ear to produce a final mix that meets industry standard and that's radio-ready, he's learned to have a tough skin and become more confident about his work in such a cut-throat industry. Today he's ready to put himself out there in a big way to make his mark on the music and entertainment industry while showing his continued support for fellow artists. He's looking forward to producing beats for the industry's finest. Keep your eyes peeled for this up and coming musical genius known professionally as LollyPack.


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LollyPack provided background music for the first two tracks on a spoken word project for voice artist, Neel Downs. 



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Fun Facts

LollyPack brought the legendary star of hip hop and Go-Go, DJ KOOL, up to speed on the latest music production software and recording techniques. DJ Kool is most known for hits like "20 Minute Workout" and "Let Me Clear My Throat"

About LollyPack

LollyPack recently penned songs with hit producers, The Featherstones, who are responsible for hits with major artists including DRU HILL, CHRIS BROWN, TREY SONGZ, NICKI MINAJ, and many others. 


Throw Backs To LollyPack's Days As
A Local Child Star In DC
LollyPack, Music Producer
With Quincy Jones
LollyPack on morning show
Making news in 6th grade
Kyle aka Vocalz
Child singer
With Jim Vance, NBC
With Jim Vance, NBC
Child singer
Performed w/ Clay Aiken
washingtonian mag - Kyle Ahn

People Are Curious...

LollyPack's biological father is Korean and his mother, Sally b. Waller, also a music business professional known for vocal coaching and artist mentoring, is black. She married his step father, Rodney when LollyPack was a young child. His mom and step father founded their family music business, "VocalzMusic & Publishing" in 2004 and named it after LollyPack's former professional name, Vocalz. Today he still collaborates with his mom on music projects, music publishing and general artist guidance. 

LollyPack's uncle was Charles "Chuck" Booker, the guitar player and singer for "The Clovers"  They were most recognized for their hit song,, "Love Potion #9". On the day of his uncle's funeral, LollyPack had the blessing of his uncle's widow to perform at an event where he met legendary music producer and songwriter, Quincy Jones. She said, "that's what he would have wanted".  LollyPack, who was born into a family of music artists, actors,  authors and publishers has yet to meet his long lost relative, legendary singer, Frankie Beverly of Franky Beverly & Maze. One of Beverly's hits, "Before I Let Go" was resently redone by music artist, Beyonce. 

LollyPack Met His Idol

When you meet your idol through another idol... LollyPack (seen here with his step-dad) loved Michael Jackson's music growing up but he was still so honored to meet the man that contributed to the King of Pop's greatest hits, the legendary, Quincy Jones. Not only did they meet, but Quincy Jones was in the audience while the then twelve year old, Kyle Ahn, performed and he even offered the young musician some professional advice.

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LollyPack was about thirteen when he recorded all his vocals for the first time ever without the help of his mother. (Lyrics and vocal arrangements by Sally b. Waller. Music & Production by Robert "RockQ" Quarles.) His mother wrote his songs to ensure his lyrics were clean and positive.