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Child Actor & Singer

Deirdre Kay is an 12-year-old developing singer and actor out of Stafford, Virginia seeking experience in film, tv, theater, and voice acting, as well as opportunities to present her singing talent. Although she's a newbie to the professional entertainment industry, she's worked with expert voice and talent coach, Sally B. Waller since she was barely 4 years old. She's currently signed to Talent Development company, VocalzMusic & Publishing, where she's been assigned an Acting Coach, under their program. Her private studio sessions with "Sally b." feature the production of EPK content including resume writing, voice acting demo, cover song demo, headshots, and monologue production. We hope at this time that you'll consider her for any role that you feel is a good fit based off what we've presented so far. Please return soon when we present her first headshots, resume, and monologues which are scheduled for publication in early 2019 right here at More soon!

Height 4'9 | Weight 99 lb | Eyes Brown | Hair Brown | Ethnicity Caucasian | Age Range 10 - 12

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EPK Host: Sally B. Waller

VocalzMusic & Publishing

703-798-2587 |

Acting Coach, Jess Rawls |

Parents, Kelly Curtin & Joseph Harris

Voice Coach, Sally b. Waller

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