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Greetings! I hope you're staying home, staying safe and staying strong! The website will return soon. Pardon us as we use this time to perform our quarterly updates.  The COVID epidemic has set most businesses and services back. Our ability to provide the VMP Talent program relies on the support of our website host and our 3rd party services, which have all been heavily impacted. We've been set back just a bit but no worries. we are still accepting new artists and we will resume our efforts asap. 

Those that want to join our artist listing can just shoot us an email at Please include links to your talent (no file uploads please). Any other questions you have can also be emailed to that address. 

In the meantime, I hope you'll check out the updates we've launched at our sister website, Check out our new Artist Shop, inquire about voice lessons, order your EPK and more!  Below a few of our members created a party mix. We hope you'll also check out the new selection of videos we've added here. Enjoy!

Yours in music! - Sally b. & Our VMP Team

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